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2007-03-13 09:22:00

I am Ali çetin I am a sphastic handicapped young all my days has been my drems and I have been never time disappointed for that don t walking am became hopefull every day tha I been finding address and E Mail address on the internet for  me and as ıf me the person who is sphastic handicapped I was born as normally but afterwrads when I a baby only 16 days I had been got sicak and to been have my temperature s fever go up my doctor and my family had gave up hope me but I had been alive but  what can one do? Sometimes I think of that the person woho has been in pessimistic than me and I have almost give thanks to god for my condition but I allways be in home and allways watch tv because of this I had been operated on my legs afterwards my had got beter when Iwas 6 years I had been walking for a long with cruth and my mother s helping but peopleas who had been looking me as ıf I had stranger a person had disturbed me an I had used my crutch my familay eas a firaid of my behavior and they didin t insisted on me that I had been used my cruthch I have any more nevous and I am which passed  my days I had learned of to be founda a summer camp in the kuşada Erdal Tutal who iş manager the summer champ for handicapped youngs who independent to their family I comminicated with him through the address of internet god bless him for What he have done I am not accepted by this  campbecause of it wha full But MR Eedal iş promised me for this year s summer season I am goingo to go to camp in kuşadası april this year this will be solution and useful for me I will also wender and learrn to some works and improve myself Iwant to apply everyhere İn Turkye and in other  countris and get result am bored for 31 years want ot live any more

Msm alico_19758@homail com  alicocetin@mynet com 

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